TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List (TAFAlist) was launched in 2010 as a membership organization of professionals working online with handmade textile traditions. The focus has been on the business end of what we do. In this fast paced and ever changing environment, TAFA promotes its members and provides technical assistance as needed.

Artizan Made organized as a collective in 2014 as an effort to help TAFA’s members who had products to sell reach wider markets. It widened its focus to include other mediums with eco-fashion and home decor as core interests. Artizan Made has a marketplace where members have set up shop and either link to their sites elsewhere or use the Artizan cart.


Artizan Made - Handmade Market


We aim to support exceptional work and accept members based on the quality of what they do, originality, professionalism and take a special interest in work that supports sustainability, eco-processes, fair trade and ethical vintage.

This site is our art tribe as inspired by Seth Godin’s vision of how people can come together sharing common interests and through their passion, they change the world. Although this video is getting “old” (it’s from 2009), it remains relevant and powerful. Please watch it:



Be a leader of your vision!


Due to technical difficulties TAFA’s site, we have been unable to set up a member forum there, something I always wanted to have. The idea for this site evolved from that frustration and bringing Artizan Made into the mix made it even more exciting. Our members share their work here along with what inspires them. We hope that you will connect with them and spread what they are doing. Enjoy!

-Rachel Biel, TAFA and Artizan Made founder


On Facebook? Join TAFA’s Village, a group for the community at art who love textiles and fiber arts.

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