Wool Dryer Ball are Eco-Friendly because they help save energy by shortening the drying time! These dryer balls are recycled from wool sweaters. So doubly green!

The Dryer Balls are made from recycled wool sweaters. Hand-cut, machine & hand sewn. Stuffed with wool scraps and some threads. Seams are double sewn and thickly felted.

Dryer balls are a nicer alternative to putting smelly tennis balls or unfriendly plastic in with your clothes.

Place two to three dryer balls in with your damp clothes.
– reduce drying time and save energy
– soften your clothing without chemicals
– reduce static
– quieter than plastic balls

I recommend a minimum of two to three balls per medium load. Use more for larger loads.
Available in my ETSY shop
Feltwerker on Etsy

Dryer Balls

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