Last year, my 8-year-old grandaughter Amaya fell in love with my first interactive (eco dyed) quilt, which also morphs into a book. I was surprised, because the colours and stitching are subtle and earthy, not in her favourite shades of pink. Maybe it was the idea that the quilt could become something else (and vice versa) that captured her imagination! Find out about the ‘birth’ of the second metamorphic quilt (made from eco dyed vintage blanket pieces) via the link below.

My 8 year old grandaughter Amaya is very creative.

Amaya helped me collect the leaves to eco dye my new project.

Source: Photo by Rita Summers

Wool offcuts.

I never waste fabrics; these will become applique embellishment.

Source: Photo by Rita Summers

Thread selection.

Choosing thread colours from my stash that will both compliment and contrast with the background fabric.

Source: Original photo by Rita Summers

Eco dyed vintage blanket squares.

Each square measures 8 inches by 8 inches.

Source: Photo by Rita Summers

One thought on “Metamorphic Quilts”

  1. Rita Summers says:

    I’m planning to do more stitching on this project today; loving it!

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