Trivet, hot pad, pot holder or table decoration. One of a kind table or wall art. These beautiful potholders will insulate your hand or protect your table from hot or sweating objects. My trivet/potholders are sometimes thicker than your standard potholder. Fully functional as well as beautiful. Washable, durable and beautiful. Hang it on the wall in between using it. Too pretty to hide in a drawer.

Leather loop (brown) also from recycled leather clothing.

Handmade potholder / trivet.
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I create each one from colorful scraps that I save from my other projects. Most have been felted / washed after construction to make them more durable.

The wool I use is of all types and mixtures. Most of the wool is thickly felted, some is less felted.

Made from re-purposed wool scraps. Each one is a textural colorful treasure of recycled wool.

Approximately 8″ square. approximately 1/4″ thick BUT each potholder varies, each piece of felt is unique and comes out differently, so no two pieces I create are exactly alike. Any minor variations in size or thickness I consider part of the beauty of making things by hand. For example, if after felting I find that the piece will not be 8″ square – maybe it’s bigger or smaller, I go with it!

Made from reclaimed wool from old sweaters and leather clothing.

Care: hand wash cool water, blot with a towel and lay flat to dry. After they dry, I like to steam them with an iron and brush with my hand to perk them up.

If you wash them in a machine, they might get thicker and rounder, essentially, they will keep felting. So machine washing will not destroy them, but it will definitely change the shape, size and thickness with each wash.

Up-Cycled Felted Wool Pot Holder

Potholders - repurposed wool

Trivets - upcycled wool

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