This post on TAFA gives some examples of things that can be done to improve your online shop: Having a product that will sell, pricing competitively, ability to meet demand, creating both catalog and styling photos, keeping up to snuff with a web platform and figuring out where to sell.


“My feeling these days (I might change my mind tomorrow.) is that owning your own turf is important. A marketplace might be a good place to start, to learn, to test, and then once you have a feel for how your products look and work, set up your own site with your own cart and use the marketplace as a magnet. Either place needs outside marketing by you to drive traffic to your products: a blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You absolutely have to network on one of the big social media places in order to establish a community, get followers and then take them where you want them to go. Or, advertise.”

Selling online

Handmade textiles and fiber art.

Source: TAFAList

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